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What is a turbine and what are its types?

  Turbine A turbine has blades at one end and electromagnets at the opposite that make electricity because the blade moves.  Turbines are wont to generate electricity from wind, water and steam. Turbine Biomass Turbine The a part of a generator unit that's cut by the force of water or steam to run an electrical generator .  A turbine usually consists of a series of rotating vane or blades on a central spindle. Turbine Front Chelanpud Turbine A rotary engine during which the K.E. of a moving fluid is converted into energy, causing a rotor rotor to rotate. Princeton Turbine There's energy in water fraught. Turbines convert water energy into rotating energy. turbines convert the K.E. of a jet of water into energy. turbines convert P.E. into energy in pressurized water. Impulse turbine An impulsive turbine mechanical energy, or water head, is first converted to K.E. by discharging water through a carefully shaped tip.  The jet is discharged into the air.  To drain the