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How is electricity produced from a thermal power plant? And what are the procedures?

The process of producing electricity from a thermal power plant Electricity is also produced through thermal power plants. In this, using coal ash and hot air, it is sent to the combustion chamber, here heat is produced. Heat When a boiler comes into contact with water, a steam is produced. The turbine rotates through that steam and also the alternator. And power is generated from here, which is supplied further through the transformer. And thus electricity is produced from thermal power plants. The thermal power system has to undergo seven operations to produce electricity, which is as follows. Thermal Power Plant Coal Hooper Pulverizer Dust Collector Chimney Furness and Boiler Turbine and Alternator Condenser & Feed Water Pump Coal Hooper The coal hopper appears to be a large flask. Here coal is poured into it. And coal goes from here to further action. Pulverizer Pulverizers are used to convert coal into powder form in thermal plants. The coal powder made from here