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What is Full Wave Rectifier and Half Wave Rectifier?

  Full wave Rectifier and Half wave Rectifier The main application of tangency diode is in rectification circuits. These circuits are wont to describe the conversion of a.c signals to d.c in power supplies. Diode rectifier, which extracts the alternating voltage. And pulses over time. The filter smoothes the pulsation within the voltage and to provide d.c voltage, a regulator is employed which removes the ripples. There are two primary methods of diode rectification: Half Wave Rectifier Full Wave Rectifier What is Half Wave Rectifier? In a half-wave rectifier, one 1/2 each a.c input cycle is rectified. When the contact diode is forward biased, it gives little resistance and when it's reversing biased it provides high resistance. During one-half cycles, the diode is forward biased when the input voltage is applied and within the opposite half cycle, it's reverse biased. During alternate half-cycles, the optimum result are often obtained. Half Wave Rectifier Working of Hal