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Importance and corrections of Power Factor

  Power Factor Power factor is that the ratio between the KW and also the KVA drawn by an electrical load where the KW is that the actual load power and therefore the KVA is that the apparent load power. it's a measure of how effectively the present is being converted into useful work output and more particularly could be a good indicator of the effect of the load current on the efficiency of the provision system. Power Factor Formula All current flow causes losses both within the supply and distribution system. A load with an influence factor of 1.0 leads to the foremost efficient loading of the availability. A load with an influence factor of, say, 0.8, leads to much higher losses within the supply system and the next bill for the buyer. A small improvement in the power factor can reduce its losses. Because the loss is proportional to the square of the current. A convenience factor is the small amount of time a missing power is considered. So it is considered as reactive p