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Electric Motor | working of DC Motor

  Electric Motor The electric motor may be a device which converts electricity to energy . There are mainly three types of electric motor. DC Motor Induction Motor Synchronous Motor All of those motors add more or less same principle. The main function of electric motor depends on the magnetic flux with current. To understand this topic better we will discuss the essential operating principle of electrical motors one by one. Working of DC Motor Working principle of DC Motor mainly depends upon Fleming left rule. In DC motors, an armature is placed between the magnetic armors. If you armature winding is supplied from an external DC source. So the armature starts to conduct current through conductors. As the conductors are carrying current inside a magnetic flux , they're going to experience a force which tends to rotate the armature. If the armature conductors move downward (in cross) under the N poles of the world magnet. And others below the S poles move the current upwards