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What is Integrated Circuit | Types and Usage s

  Integrated Circuit or IC is one such small electronic device. In which resistors, capeciter and mainly transistors etc. Remains fabricated.  Or a small chip or small piece of silicon on which these electronic components are embedded. IC is called integrated circuit. IC in a board Most electronic components contain silicon ie semiconductor material. IC is also in these, after the arrival of IC after the transistors, the circuits improved a lot. The number of transistors increased in less space. An IC has more than 10 to 1000000 transistors. Who first invented IC. After this, how did IC start to work with time. And how did it get better.  Which had SSI, MSI, LSI, VLSI, ULSI IC. And how it became the biggest invention of the 21th century. Types of Integrated Circuit according to their work in which Digital IC, Analog IC, mixed IC, Programmable IC, Timer IC, Comprator, Switching IC are on this page. How IC was invented IC is considered as the form of many transistors. When William B