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On what principle does an electric heater work?

Electric Heater works on Joule's law of heating . When an electric current flows through a resistor , it heats up, the energy converted as heat is proportional to the square of the value of the current and the value of the barrier. That is, there should be such a wire, whose resistance is very high and it does not burn even when it is hot. Room Heater Electricity is a power. Just as a stream of water flows, so does electric power. But it has some rules.  1. It flows / flows through metal and matter. Some metals strongly oppose its flow. Some metals do not resist at all. 2. Metals which resist electric current are used in heaters. When a metal opposes the flow of electricity, heat is generated because of the opposition. 3. For the heater, a metal wire is used to resist the flow of electricity. As electric current is released in the wire - the wire heats up. Spring Element Heater 4. The construction of the heater The anti-current wire is kept in a tube.  The wire should not have dir