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Fleming's right-hand rule|Definition and Describe

  Fleming's right-hand rule We saw in Faraday's electromagnetic induction rule that the motions of the coil and therefore the magnet are driven by the movement of electrical current and also the force induced by this force. current is additionally generated. Fleming's right-hand rule is used to search out the worth of the direction of this induced electrical phenomenon generate to magnetic induction. In keeping with Fleming's law of hand, the index, finger and thumb of the proper hand should be stretched in such some way that the three are perpendicular to every other and therefore the finger is towards the field of force, and also the thumb indicates the direction of motion of the conductor. The median will display the induced current. This can be called Fleming's right-hand rule. Fleming's right-hand rule As shown within the figure, the thumb is pointed towards the direction of the driving force and therefore the index is towards the magnetic flux. th