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Who discovered the electron? What is the specialty of an electron?

  Electron A molecule has three components called electrons, protons and neutrons. it's a molecule formed by three components. After that, every kind of element is produced by the molecule itself. Electron In these three particles, the electron could be a charged particle. Which has the bottom mass. Inside the atom where protons and neutrons coexist in its nucleus. So Electrons revolves around its Nucleus. the amount of electrons in an atom is that the same because the number of protons. An electron is marked by e- . The electron is that the smallest particle of three atomic particles. The mass of an electron is way less. it's much but a molecule and protons and neutrons. The remaining mass of the electron is 9.10938356 × 10 ^ -31 kg. Which is admire only one / 1,836 of the proton. Therefore an electron is taken into account almost useless compared to a proton or neutron. And electron mass isn't included within the calculation of the mass of an atom. Who discovered the