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Whats Five Main Sources of Electricity Generation?

  5 Sources of Electricity Generation Sun Energy Wind Energy Water Head Energy Fuel Energy Atomic energy We can produce electricity by converting different energies available in nature. So we should always check out various natural sources of energy which we use to supply electricity. Some common sources of energy are   Out of 5 above listed sources of energy we don't use first two in very large scale. this is often because there are some limitations. But in present days water head, fuel and atomic energy are three most primarily used natural energy sources for producing electricity. The traditional sources of energy collectively derived from these three are called.   SUN ENERGY The Sun is that the basic source of energy. The sun is that the source of both heat and lightweight . we will use both heat and lightweight for producing electricity.     Energy of Sun Heat We focus sun rays at alittle area with the assistance of concave mirror. the warmth of the concentrated sun ray