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Diode | Types and Working principle of Diode

  What is Diodes? The diode is an electronic component. Which allows current to be flow in just one direction. Its two terminal. In the diode which is the line of Silver Color. The Terminal Cathode is on that side and the tip of the diode is the tip of the triangle is the cathode. And on the other hand, there is zero resistance on the current flowing in a direction in cathode and anode diode. And there is a very high resistance in the second direction so that Current Flow becomes zero. Diode Diode is made of semiconductor. That is currently the use of diode semiconductor diode. Its Symbol you can see in the image. Semiconductor Diode P Types are made from semiconductor and n type semiconductor. They call P-N Junction Diode. P Types Semiconductor and N Types are added by doping to semiconductor. Diode may be small in appearance, but it is helpful in doing many big work. We use diodes as Rectifiers, Signal Modeulator, Voltage Regulator, Signal Limtries etc. Whenever the diode connects