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Top 10 Diesel Generator Manufacturer List-E4US

  Top 10 Generator List Kirloskar Generator Cummins Generator Ashok Leyland Generator Mahindra Powerol Generator Greaves Cotton Generator Eicher Generator Sterling Generator FG Wilson Generator Supernova Generator Caterpiller Generator Diesal Generator Diesel generator is the simplest means of generating electric power by combining Diesel engine and alternators. That is why it is also known as Genset. Generators have all types of control systems. Such as high temperature, high load, low or high voltage,the generator auto will shut down when labeled low fuel. Here we are going to tell you about 10 big diesel generator manufacturers in India and their brand name. Kirloskar Kirloskar's diesel generator which comes under the brand name Koel iGreen . It provides power back-up solutions from 2.1 KVA to 5200 KVA.The most selling and efficient, intelligent, powerful reliable generator brand in India. Kirloskar Engine is a big name in the field of engines.Available in many co

Diesel Engine Definition and Working principle

  Diesel Engine Definition A diesel engine is an instrument system in which a mixture of diesel and air is ignited by the spark method to produce heat. And power is produced in this process. And those powers are used in various forms. Diesel Engine Internal Diagram Diesel Engine Working Principle The diesel engine is one such system. Through which energy is produced. Diesel is a sequential process of producing energy from an engine. First of all, the air is able to pass through the piston. This action is called suction stroke. After this, the able air is pressurized by the piston, this action is called compression. There After combustion of oil and air is done by the ignition system,this process is called power stroke. And finally the removal of combustible mixed gases is called exhaust system. Energy is produced in this entire process. And the energy generated is used in the forward action through the fly wheel. Diesel Engine Components A diesel engine is made up of several major