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Capacitor | Types and Working Principle

  What is Capacitor? A Capacitor Bank may be a group of several capacitors of the identical rating that are connected nonparallel or parallel with one another to store electricity . The resulting bank is then wont to counteract or correct an influence factor lag or phase shift in and electricity (AC) power supply. they'll even be utilized in a right away current (DC) power supply to extend the ripple current capacity of the facility supply or to extend the general amount of stored energy. Capeciters That one capacitor does; they're designed to store electricity, just at a greater capacity than one device. a private capacitor consists of two conductors which are separated by a dielectric or insulant. When current is distributed through the conductors, an electrical field that's static in nature then develops within the dielectric which acts as stored energy. The dielectric is intended to allow a predetermined amount of leakage which is able to gradually dissipate the ener