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How Electricity prodused By Biogas

  Bio Gas Organic input materials like foodstuff remnants, fats or sludge are often fed into the biogas plant as substrate. Renewable resource s like corn, beets or grass function feed both for animals like cows and pigs also as for the micro organisms within the biogas plant. Bio Gas Plant Manure and dung also are fed into the biogas plant. In the fermenter, heated to approx. 38-40 °C, the substrate is decomposed by the micro organisms under exclusion of sunshine and oxygen. the ultimate product of this fermentation process is biogas with methane because the main ingredient. But aggressive hydrogen sulphide is additionally contained within the biogas. A fermenter made from chrome steel has the clear advantage that it withstands the attacks of the hydrogen sulphide and is usable for many years . Furthermore, a chrome steel fermenter provides the chance to operation the biogas plant also within the thermophile temperature range (up to 56 °C). Bio Gas Station Once the substrate