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Battery | Types of Batteries

  Battery Battery is the primary source of any gadgets such as electronics, wireless, smartphone, laptop, clock or remote etc. Are you able to imagine things without these energy sources? We wouldn’t be able to build any wireless device and need to believe wired power source only, even electric cars and space missions wouldn't be possible without Batteries. Today during this tutorial we discuss briefly about various sorts of batteries, their classification, terminology and specifications. Let’s see the essential difference between A battery and a cell. Also let’s determine why we exactly need A battery and why can’t we use the Alternating power (i.e., AC power from the wall sockets) rather than DC power. Cel l A cell is an energy source which may deliver only DC voltage and current which are in very small quantities. for instance if we take cells that we use in watches or remote controls, it can give maximum of 1.5 – 3V. Battery The functionality of the battery is strictly s