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What is armature? How to reduce armature reaction?

Armeture DC motors have a system of many interconnected drivers, which are mounted on an armature. The armature is made by joining several plates of malleable iron and is cylindrical. It has cut pieces all around, in which the driving groups are kept as horoscopes or punishments. These drivers, according to a certain scheme, are interconnected. This fixed sequence is called armature winding. Different types of coils have specific characteristics, which have specific characteristics of specific types of coils, with distinct advantages. Ameture The magnetic field is also obtained by flowing current from one another in the conduction group. Direct currents in armature drivers of motors are carried by Burroughs. These Burush are, in fact, superimposed on the commutator associated with the armature and associated with the supply. The magnetic fields are associated with the coils. The coils that produce magnetic fields are commonly called field coils. These coils may be associated with