The process of producing electricity by windmill


What is windmill?

Let us know how to produce energy from wind turbine. For the last two thousand years, windmills have helped a lot in human life by producing the wind energy. Wind Turbine is the simple means of converting energy from wind into electricity. Blades and other performance enhancing devices developed through modern technology aerodynamics have helped to further modernize it.

Wind Turbine

First of all we know about its value system. If the flowing air can rotate the wing, we will get power from the generator connected to it. Its wings have different sizes of airfoil cross secession and slaves from the origin to the end. It moves the wings through simple air hole technology. This means when a fluid passes over an airfoil, a lift force is produced in it. In this way the wind turbine is able to rotate normally. As we often see.

How electricity is produced from the Wind turbine

The way we experience things in a moving train is relative to the speed of the train. In the same way, the spinning blades of wind also feel the wind. Therefore the wind tarvine blade is applied in a slightly bent manner. So that it can be aligned according to the relative wind speed. As the velocity of the blade increases towards the outer tip, the relative wind speed also bends more towards the outer tip. This means that the blade is given a continuous tilt from root to tip.


But this inclination cannot be connected to a direct generator. Because wind turbine usually rotates at very low RPM. This is due to problems related to noise and mechanical ability. Considering its slow movement. We will not be able to generate enough electricity frequency from the generator. Therefore the speed is increased in a gear box before connecting it to the generator. The electricity thus generated is brought to the base through wires. Where a step up transformer is mounted. For maximum power output the Bled should be facing towards the wind energy.

But The wind direction can change at any time. For this, a velocity sensor is placed over Nelson. Which measures wind speed and direction. In this way it performs automatic movements. Wind Turbine always moves according to the direction. And due to the function of bending the blade, the blade automatically makes an alignment with the flow of air. In this way electricity is produced by air and is the oldest method.

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