How is Solar Energy Produced | Usage of Solar energy


How is Solar Energy Produced

Solar System consisting of small cells.These small cells produce very low voltage and current.Therefore a solar panel is made by adding these small cells. And this panel is made up of the following parts.

  • Toughened Glass
  • Anti Reflective Coating
  • Front Contact Grid
  • N-Type Silicon
  • P-Type Silicon
  • Back Contact Grid
  • Substrate Layer

Structure of Solar Panel

The solar panel cell is made of silicon or germanium. When the rays of the sun fall on the cells.Then the electron flow in it starts. And when the current flows in it, the current keeps coming out.This is DC current.This current is used in DC devices and for charging Batteries.  

How Solar Works

You can also earn by setting up solar projects. For this, you need a Flat surface. You can also apply it on the roofs of houses.  

Usages of Solar Power

And for this you have to connect your solar panel to the power grid. So that the current generated from your panel can reach the grid through wires. Energy flows from the solar panel only during the day time. There is no harm to the environment in solar power generation. And in this process electricity is easily produced.  

Solar DC Current Converting Into Ac Current

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