How is electricity produced from a thermal power plant? And what are the procedures?

The process of producing electricity from a thermal power plant

Electricity is also produced through thermal power plants. In this, using coal ash and hot air, it is sent to the combustion chamber, here heat is produced. Heat When a boiler comes into contact with water, a steam is produced.

The turbine rotates through that steam and also the alternator. And power is generated from here, which is supplied further through the transformer. And thus electricity is produced from thermal power plants. The thermal power system has to undergo seven operations to produce electricity, which is as follows.

Thermal Power Plant
  • Coal Hooper
  • Pulverizer
  • Dust Collector
  • Chimney
  • Furness and Boiler
  • Turbine and Alternator
  • Condenser & Feed Water Pump

Coal Hooper

The coal hopper appears to be a large flask. Here coal is poured into it. And coal goes from here to further action.


Pulverizers are used to convert coal into powder form in thermal plants. The coal powder made from here leads to further action.


Dust Collector

The task of a dust collector is to collect the burnt coal ash in the furnace at one place and separate the smoke and ash from it.


The chimney's job is to release smoke separated from the ash into the atmosphere. But the chimney is often kept high. So that the smoke emanating from it does not affect the environment below.

Furness and Boiler

In this process, the hot air and coal ash enter the furnace through the nozzle. So hot air and coal combustion takes place here. On combustion, coal produces heat. When the heat generated comes in contact with the boiler tube, the water in the tube turns into steam. And increases for further action through the steam tube.

Turbine and Alternator

When steam flows on a turbine. So the turbine starts rotating. The turbine rotates as well as the alternator. It starts generating electricity. And the power generated is brought into the transformer via wires and the power supply is forwarded from here.

Condenser & Feed Water Pump

When steam enters the condenser by turning the turbine forward. So here steam turns into water. And the water goes into the cold tower. So that the water becomes very cold. So the water goes into the boiler tube through the water feed pump. And this process goes on continuously.

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