Working Principle of Tidal Power Plant


Tidal Power Generation

Tide or wave is periodic rise and fall of water level of the ocean. Tides occur because of the attraction of sea water by the moon. Tides contain great amount of mechanical energy which is employed for power generation. When the water is above the mean water level, it's called flood tide. When the water level is below the mean level it's called ebb tide.

Tidal Waves

Working Principle

The ocean tides rise and fall and water are often stored during the increase period and it are often discharged during fall. A dam is made separating the basin from the ocean and a difference in water level is obtained between the basin and sea.

When water is in a high period, water flows into the basin through the water turbine towards the sea. the peak of tide is above that of basin. Hence the turbine unit operates and generates power, because it is directly coupled to a generator.   During low water period, water flows from basin to sea, because the water level within the basin is over that of the tide within the sea. During this era also, the flowing water rotates the turbine and generator power.

Tidal Energy Plant

The generation of power stops only the ocean level and therefore the basin level are equal. For the generation of power economically using this source of energy requires some minimum tide height and suitable site. Kislaya station of 250 MW hucapacity in Russia and Rance powerhouse in France are the sole samples of this sort of station.

Advantages of tidal power plants

  1. it's free from pollution because it doesn't use any fuel.
  2. it's superior to hydro-power plant because it is completely independent of rain.
  3. There is a possibility of fish farming within the tide ghats and it can provide entertainment to the visitors.  

Tidal Energy Disadvantages

  1. Tidal power plants may be developed providing natural sites are available on the bay.
  2. because the sites are available on the bays which are always remote from load centres, the ability generated should be transmitted to long distances.
  3. This increases the transmission cost and transmission losses.

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