Who discovered the electron? What is the specialty of an electron?



A molecule has three components called electrons, protons and neutrons. it's a molecule formed by three components. After that, every kind of element is produced by the molecule itself.


In these three particles, the electron could be a charged particle. Which has the bottom mass. Inside the atom where protons and neutrons coexist in its nucleus. So Electrons revolves around its Nucleus. the amount of electrons in an atom is that the same because the number of protons. An electron is marked by e-. The electron is that the smallest particle of three atomic particles.

The mass of an electron is way less. it's much but a molecule and protons and neutrons. The remaining mass of the electron is 9.10938356 × 10 ^ -31 kg. Which is admire only one / 1,836 of the proton. Therefore an electron is taken into account almost useless compared to a proton or neutron. And electron mass isn't included within the calculation of the mass of an atom.

Who discovered the electron?

The electron was discovered in 1897 by nation physicist JJ Thomson while investigating cathode rays. His discovery changed the direction of nuclear science.

Electrons are very small particles. And these are the identical number in any atom. the amount of charged particles therein atom. They revolve around their nucleus. Their speed is incredibly fast during orbit.

This speed is so fast. That nobody can tell the precise location of electrons at anyone time. it's through these particles that electricity is generated. The generation of current depends on the speed and speed of those particles.

Relationship between electrons, protons, neutrons

we are able to also study the steadiness and instability of atom by electron particles. These particles orbit the nucleus center. they're divided into orbitals. Each atom has its own number. per which we will check the steadiness of electron by counting its particles. This particle participates in ionic action. which might form chemical bonds. Where one electron is transferred from one atom to a different atom.

Electrons have properties of particles and waves. they'll impinge on other particles. and may spread like light. The shapes of electrons are kind of like clouds that surround the nucleus of an atom. An electron carries a specific amount of energy. Which maintains its distance from the opposing nucleus. With this energy, electrons don't be the nucleus.

Electrons characteristics

  1. Electron is a vital component of every atom.
  2. it's nigative charged.
  3. Its break mass is 9,1 × 10 ″ 10.
  4. Electrons revolve round the nucleus of an atom and in its fixed orbits.
  5. Display electrons with e or _e °.


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