What is the transformer? What are the types?


What is transformer?

Electrical transformer is a static device. Convert electrical energy from one circuit to another without any direct electrical connection. The transformer works on the Faraday Mutual Induction.


A transformer is device that operates with AC current. Its main function is to decrease or increase the voltage. But there is no change in voltage frequency due to decrease or increase in voltage. Hence it is also called step up transformer and step down transformer.

Transformer Internal View

Transformers are generally made of iron. There is an iron core inside it. On which the wire is wrapped When current is passed in it, a magnetic field is produced in it. That generated magnetic force is called magneto motive force. And because of this force, it joins the iron core and its connection is called flax. Thus this whole process is called Mutual induction.

The transformer can be divided into seven parts based on work,design and function, etc.

Basis of Measurement

Depending on measurement, it consists of two types, current transformer and potential transformer.

Basis of Supply

The transformer is divided into two parts depending on the supply. In some places a single phase transformer is required and in some places a three phase transformer is needed.

Basis of Function

Depending on the function, they are divided into three parts, step sub transformer, step down transformer, insulation transformer.

Transformer in Power Station

Basis of Cooling

Two types of transformers based on cooling, dry type transformer and oil type transformer.

Basis of windings

There are four types depending on the winding. Auto Transformer (Single Winding), Double Winding, Three Binding, Six Winding Transformer.  

Basis of Construction

Depending on the construction, there are two types, core and shell type.  

Basis of Service

Depending on the service, transformers are of two types, distribution transformers and power transformers.


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