What is ampere, volt, hp, watt and unit?


Many things happen in electricity. About whom we must have knowledge.

What is volt, watt, ampere, unit, HP and how is it calculated?

What is Ampere?

The unit of electric current is ampere A.

According to Ohm's law
Current = Voltage / Resistance

What is a volt?

EMF means the unit of electric carrying force is volt. If 1 ampere to 1 ampere current is given, then it is called one volt.

According to Ohm's law
Voltage = Current × Resistance

What is HP?

HP means: Horse Power

1 British HP = 746 watts
1 Metric HP = 735.5 Watt

What is watt?

The unit of electric power is watts

1 watt = 1 joule per second

Power = Voltage × Current

What is a unit?

The unit of electrical energy is the unit.

1 Unit = 1 kilowatt per hour
Or 1 unit = 1000 watt per hour

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