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What is Diodes?

The diode is an electronic component. Which allows current to be flow in just one direction. Its two terminal. In the diode which is the line of Silver Color. The Terminal Cathode is on that side and the tip of the diode is the tip of the triangle is the cathode. And on the other hand, there is zero resistance on the current flowing in a direction in cathode and anode diode. And there is a very high resistance in the second direction so that Current Flow becomes zero.


Diode is made of semiconductor. That is currently the use of diode semiconductor diode. Its Symbol you can see in the image. Semiconductor Diode P Types are made from semiconductor and n type semiconductor. They call P-N Junction Diode. P Types Semiconductor and N Types are added by doping to semiconductor.

Diode may be small in appearance, but it is helpful in doing many big work. We use diodes as Rectifiers, Signal Modeulator, Voltage Regulator, Signal Limtries etc. Whenever the diode connects the cathode terminal to the negative voltage and connects the anode to the positive voltage. So that time the current starts to flow and this method is called forward Biasing.

Working principle of Diodes

how semiconductor diode works. Its working process is in two step. The first forward bias i.e. the front genre and the second reverse BIAS.

Forward BIAs

Forward Bias Anode of Diode to Battery's End or P Diode And the battery loan is connected to the cathode. then it seems to be CURRENT flow.

Reverse BIAs

Pediates is connected to the cathode or n of the diode of Battery. And the debt end is added to the diode's anode or p. Then it reverse BIAs says that the current does not flows.

Types of Diodes

1. Zener Diode

The invention of Zener Diode Clarence Zener did in 1934. This diode works like a normal diode to flow in the direction of further. But whenever the voltage breaks more than the brackdown voltage, it gives him the instructions to fled into vomiting direction. The purpose of this invention was to avoid only a strict voltage. Janeer diode voltage also works as a regulator.

Zener Diode

2. Light Emitting Diode

LED It works to convert diode electric energy into light energies. Its invention happened in 1968. This diode works to connect again with the help of light in forward bias to make electrons and holes under the electroluminescence method. This saves a lot of power in which people prefer to use it in homes.

Light Emitting Diode (LED)

3. Shockley Diode

Shockley Diode was made by William Shockley in this diode in 1950. This diode is 4 layers, which is made from semiconductor material. It is also called PNPN diode. This diode is similar to a thoyistor of the gate terminal. Which means that the gate terminal is completely cut. The reason for which he does not have a trigger inputs and he does not save any way apart from sending the voltage forward. There are two operating status in this diode which is called conducting and non-employment. The diode in non-conducting state is run in a significantly lower voltage.

The name of this diode is placed on the name of Walter H Schottky. Semiconductor matriel and metal is used in Schottky Diode. Because of which voltage is very low drop. Due to metal metal in this diode, the current amount is flown in a lot.

4. Tunnel diode

Tunnel Diode is also called Esaki Diode. Because in 1927 it was invented by Japanese Nobel Award winner Leo Esaki. This diode is used to switch very fast. Whenever any work is done in Nano seconds. Then the tunnel diode is used.

5. Laser Diode

Laser Diode Injection is also very popular than the name of the laser diode it works like diode light emitting diode. But instead of the light used in it it creates a laser beam. The laser diode is used in many other functions in addition to barcode reader, laser points and fiber optic these days.

6. Varactor Diode

Varactor Diode is also called Varicap Diode to this diode. This diode is used as variable capacitors. This diode is used to deposit the charge and it is always reverse boied. Varactor Diode is always a semiconductor tool that is dependent on voltage.

7. Constant Current Diode

Constant Current Diode is known by many names. Of which Current Regulating Diode, Current Limiting Diode, Diode Connected Transistor is the leading. The work voltage of this diode is to regulate on a certain current.

8. Vaccum Diode

Vaccum Diode has two electrodes in this diode. Those who are called cathode and anode. This diode is made of tungsten due to which he leaves the electron and he leads to the electron anode. Because of which it works like a switch. If the layer of metal oxide in the cathode then it becomes more difficult to leave the electron.

9. Step Recovery Diode

Step Recovery Diode is also called Sneap of Diode and Charge Storage Diode. It is a special type of diode which works to deposit the charge of positive pulse and it uses in negative pulse of the sinocodial signal.

10. Gold doptd diodes

Gold doptd diodes are used as dopents used in diodes. This diode is much faster than the rest of the diodes. In the case of reverse boobs in the diode, the leakage current is always less. Despite having high voltage, this diode allows to work in signaling friction.

11. Super Barrier Diode

Super Barrier Diode was made for proper to switch fast and low damage applications. Super Beria Diode is known as the next generation rectifier. And it sends a small amount of voltage to less than the scorch diode.

12. Peltier Diode

Peltier Diode produces heat in two materal junctions of semiconductor and it is heat to another terminal from a terminal and this flow is only in one direction.

13. Crystal diode

crystal diode is also called cat disaster. That is a type of point container diode. Its operating depends on the pressure between the semiconductor crystal and point. There is a metal wire. Which is imposed against the semiconductor crystal, due to which the semiconductor starts working like crystal cathode. And like metal wire anode.

Five Types Diode

Use of Diodes

Diode is used in alternating current to alternating current. Diode is used for Over Voltage Protection. Diode is used in Radio demodulation. Diode is used in measuring temperature. Circuit is used in the current to turn the diode. In signal limiters like current steering, the diode is used in oscillator. Voltage Regulator is the use of diode in Signal Mixer.


The main work of the diode is to convert alternating current to direct current and this work capability makes them rectifier. They are used as electrical switches in homes, because it also easily stops the increased voltage. Diodes are used to be used like digital logic gates. Crores of diodes work only like Logic Gates and they are used nowadays in modern processors. Light emitting diodes are used as a sensor. Apart from this, it is also used in other laser devices. Zener diodes are used as a voltage regulator. It is used to make power supply as well as it is also used in the form of voltage twin.


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