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What is a Conductor called this type and conductor material

You must have often heard about the conductor somewhere or have read what the conductor says and what are the types of the conductor. If you still have not been told that you did not understand what substance is called after the conductor, today in this post we are going to give you complete information related to the conductor and also the names of those substances which are called conductor.

Five Electrical Insulator
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Such substances from which electrons or current can flow easily are called conductors such as aluminum copper iron etc. There are substances from which current can flow very easily and they are also used to make current flow. The resistance of such materials is very low and their conductivity is very high. That is why such materials are used to make electrical goods.

Classificationp of Conductors

The conductor is placed in 3 different categories according to its size.

Solid Conductor

Gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc.

Liquid Conductor

Mercury, sulfuric acid, ammonium chloride, copper sulfate etc.

Gaseous Conductor

Neon, Helium, Organ etc.

A Good conductor characteristic

The conductivity of a good driver should be very good and the registry should be very low. A good conductor must be maneuverable and must be seat-able. A good conductor should also be strong enough mechanically A good conductor should also have the softness that we can easily mode A good conductor should not cost too much.

Conductors used in electrical engineering

To make any electrical goods, the best conductor is required and the most conductor is used to make electrical goods, then below you are given the names of some important conductor which are specially used for electrical goods. Is used to make.


Silver is considered to be the best conductor of electricity and it has all the characteristics that a conductor should have, its conductivity is about 98%. But due to its high cost, it cannot be used to make more goods, it is used in micro-measuring devices, small capacitor circuit breakers etc.


Copper is considered to be a very good driver of electricity, in terms of conductivity, it comes in second place before silver comes. Silver is not used much because of being expensive but copper is second. Comes and it is used to make the most power cables etc. to make the winding wires of the motor, its conductivity is about 90% and it is a very strong metal mechanically which we can bend and make sheet You can also make its stars.


Aluminum is also considered to be a very good conductor of electricity. And nowadays its use has become enough to make electrical goods, now it is being used instead of copper. But its conductivity is 7% and it is very light in weight which is very good for making wires and for making seats, it is used for underground cable transformer winding etc.


Brass is made by mixing two metals in which copper is about 67% and zinc is about 33%. The special feature of this metal is that it does not rust and its conductivity is 48% compared to silver and it is used to make the terminals of folders, switches, sockets.


The conductivity of iron is 9 times less than that of copper. Sheets and stars can be made with iron. The mechanical strength of iron is very strong. And its price is also very low. That is why it is used very much to make electrical equipment, mostly iron is used to make the structure of any appliance.


The melting point of nichrome is very high because it is a metal made of two metals consisting of 80% nickel and 20% chromium and its resistivity is also very high, hence it is used in electricity. Is used to make furnaces, presses and electric kettles etc.


The metal of Europe is also a metal made of two metals consisting of 60% Nikhil and 40% copper and it also has very high resistance and hence it is used for making resistors.

GI Wire

When zinc wires are mounted on iron wires, they are called Galvanized Iron Wire or Galvanized Iron Stars. Oxidization causes the rust to rust very quickly and to protect the iron from corrosion, a layer of zinc is mounted on it and this type of wire is used more for earthing, overhead lines.


The melting point of tin metal is very low, but it has a special point that it has no effect on the environment and it does not rust and it is very soft metal. That is why it is used to make layers on metals to make fuses so that they can be protected from corrosion.


The melting point of the glass is much higher than the tin metal. And also there is no effect of the atmosphere nor any kind of corrosion. That is why it is used as solder wire and fuse wire in making lead acid battery plates.


The melting point of tungsten metal is very high and it is very strong metal. That is why it is made in very fine stars. Which is used in electric bulb tubelight etc.


Mercury is a liquid metal that when it is heated, it evaporates. Mercury is used to make mercury lamps, mercury arc rectifiers etc.


When acid is added to a certain amount in pure water, this mixture is called electrolytes and this water acts as an electric conductor and the current flows through it and This type of mixture is used to charge the battery and to make primary and secondary cells in electroplating.


Gases like neon, helium, argon are used as electrical conductors and as the temperature decreases, the resistance of these increases greatly and it acts like a conductor or semiconductor. But as soon as the temperature is high, the resistance of these decreases and it starts working as a conductor. That is why they are used more in lamps and tubes.

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